Cat Wine Pawty Pack
Cat Wine Pawty Pack
Cat Wine Pawty Pack
Cat Wine Pawty Pack
Cat Wine Pawty Pack
Cat Wine Pawty Pack

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Cat Wine Pawty Pack

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Cat Wine Pawty Pack

The Cat Wine Pawty Pack is the purrfect gift for your feline companion. 
Developed from all-natural ingredients, Apollo Peak Cat Wines are 100% organic liquid catnip designed to entice classy cat into playtime.
The Pawty Pack includes Pinot Meow, MosCATo, White Kittendel and Catbernet. 
Ingredients (vary by product) include:
Pinot Meow: Water, Organic Catnip Extract, Red Beet Color, Sea Salt
MosCATo: Water, Organic Catnip Extract, Yellow Beet Color, Sea Salt
White Kittendel: Water, Organic Catnip Extract, Red Beet Color, Sea Salt
Catbernet: Water, Organic Catnip Extract, Red Beet Color, Sea Salt

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What's inside Cat Wine?

Cat Wine is a liquid catnip blend that is brewed by extracting the oils from the 100% organic catnip herb. It is mixed with a proprietary blend to attain a smell that causes effects in cats. 

What are the effects? 

While not all cats will react to cat wine, most cats will exhibit a catnip type behavior that includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Increased playfulness
  • Increased immediate stimulation
  • Rolling around, flipping over and general hyperactivity
  • If ingested, catnip will act as a mild sedative
  • catnip is not a true toxin and is not addictive

What is Catnip?

  • Catnip (Nepeta cataria) is a perennial herb that is a member of the mint family. 
  • The chemical compound in the plant that attracts and affects cats is called nepetalactone. It is found in the leaves and stems.
  • Nepetalactone is a stimulant when sniffed by a cat, producing a "high" with effects that last for about 10 minutes before wearing off and the cat returning to normal behavior.

What are the ingredients?

  • A proprietary blend of filtered water, organic catnip, organic beet color, sea salt (stability) and potassium sorbate (non toxic preservative)
Cat Wine Pawty Pack
Cat Wine Pawty Pack
Cat Wine Pawty Pack
Cat Wine Pawty Pack